My job is to make training your dog as easy as possible.

Whether you’re struggling with basics like puppy manners, or serious behavior issues like aggression, I look forward to helping you enjoy the best from your dog.

–Nick Hof

My clients have two things in common

  They tend to be busy – with kids, work, retirement goals        They love their dogs.

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Let’s put an end to the frustrating bits—the biting, crying, and potty accidents—and teach some basic manners foundations so you can focus on the fun parts of puppy raising. Learn how to train your puppy or let me get the job done for you.

Basic Manners

Basic Manners Dog Training

From polite sits to rock-solid recalls, from no more pulling on leash to a calm down-stay at your side, basic manners make for an easier dog at home and in the world. Learn how to train your dog or let me get the job done for you.

Shy & Fearful

Shy & Fearful Dogs

Hiding, cowering, submissive urination, and defensive barking don’t have to be your dog’s norm. Let’s get her confidence up so you can better enjoy life together. Learn shy & fearful dog training solutions or let me get the job done for you.

Dog-Dog Aggression

Dog-Dog Aggression

Few things are more stressful—or embarrassing—than a dog who barks and lunges at every dog you pass. Your dog walks and your multi-dog household can be peaceful. I’ll show you how or, if you’d rather, I’ll get the job done for you.

Dog-Human Aggression

Dog-Human Aggression

You don’t have to live with a dog who barks, lunges, growls, or snaps at family members or strangers. Let’s get your dog feeling more comfortable and you breathing more easily. I’ll show you how or, if you prefer, I’ll get the job done for you.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Coming home to a destroyed house, stressed dog, and angry notes from neighbors about all the barking? Let’s teach your dog to feel safe and relaxed when left alone. Learn training solutions or let me get the job done for you.

Nick Hof

Hello, I'm Nick Hof.

I’m serious about helping my clients see true positive change in their dogs’ behavior as quickly as possible. That’s why, in this unregulated industry, I use only humane, scientifically-sound training methods and pursue the highest credentials possible for dog trainers. Learn more about me, my credentials, and how to safely choose a dog trainer.

Ready for a real training solution?

I look forward to making dog training easy for you!

“Our dog provided challenge after challenge…”

“…and Nick met them all. Nick is kind, patient, positive, professional and makes learning fun! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a dog trainer for anything from the basics to the most difficult dog situations.”
— Andrea Booth, Jason Stivers, and Vox in Anderson Township